Case titleMarketApplicationProduct
A basic method of calculation in dB for wireless applications.Wireless communicationKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Shield box
A measurement example of real time mode trigger function with the signal analyzer.OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
About dBmeirp that is unit of electric field strength used in ETC/DSRC.Wireless communicationETC/DSRC, KnowledgeETC/DSRC
Actual measurement example of ETC/ITS spot using the signal analyzer.Wireless communicationETC/DSRCSpectrum Analyzer
Advantages of introducing RF matrix switch box (MM 6000)Wireless communication4G・LTE・5G-sub6, Wireless LANMeasuring system
An EMI estimation method by simple evaluation of radiated emission.EMCEMC test, KnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, EMC
Antenna gain measurement using a tracking generator.Wireless communicationAntenna, KnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Shield box
Antenna radiation pattern measurement system.Wireless communication Antenna, Wireless LAN, LPWA, BluetoothShield box
Antenna selection for on-site measurement of radiation emissionEMCEMC testSpectrum Analyzer
Application of VSWR bridge.Electronic componentsRF device, AntennaSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Automatic measurement of ETC electric field strengthWireless communicationETC/DSRCETC/DSRC
Browsing software for DTF measurement data.BroadcastingCATV, BroadcastingSpectrum Analyzer
Build wireless evaluation environment of Bluetooth device.Wireless communicationBluetoothShield box, Spectrum Analyzer
C/N measurement using the channel power measurement.BroadcastingBroadcastingSpectrum Analyzer
Calculation of antenna factor and gain.OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Career frequency measurement of the modulated wave using spectrum analyzer.Wireless communicationKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
CATV line quality test.BroadcastingCATVSpectrum Analyzer
Checking magnetic field emission noise of LED luminaire at 3-axis using loop antenna easily.EMCEMC test, LED lightsSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Checking magnetic field emission noise of LED luminaire easily.EMC EMC test, LED lightsSpectrum Analyzer
Checking the TV frequency channel using spectrum analyzer.BroadcastingBroadcastingSpectrum Analyzer
Communication characteristic evaluation of wireless IP transmission (VOD server) and client terminal equipment.Wireless communication 4G・LTE・5G-sub6, Wireless LANAttenuator, Shield box, Measuring system
Conducted EMI Test System combining MSA series and another maker's LISNEMCEMC testEMC
Conducted emission measurement based on CISPR standard.EMCEMC testEMC, Spectrum Analyzer
Conducted emission noise measurement LED lamp with signal analyzer.EMCEMC test, LED lightsSpectrum Analyzer, EMC
Connectivity testing of wireless terminal equipment.Wireless communicationWireless LAN, LPWAShield box, Spectrum Analyzer, Attenuator
Daily inspection method of shield box.OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Shield box
Detect disturbance waves with a signal analyzer.OtherInterfering waveSpectrum Analyzer
Distortion of RF transmission amplifier and adjacent channel characteristics.Electronic componentsRF deviceSpectrum Analyzer
Dynamic range expansion method for spectrum analyzer with tracking generator.OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Easy setup guide to test environment for conducted EMI.EMCEMC testEMC
Electric field strength measurement by reference level offset function.Wireless communication, OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
Electric field strength measurement using antenna factor of loop antenna.EMCEMC test, KnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Electromagnetic wave emission pattern measurement systemWireless communicationAntenna, Wireless LAN, LPWA, BluetoothShield box
Environment for micro current & high resistance measurement and partial discharge test.Electronic componentsElectronic components, Scientific materialsShield box
Evaluation environment of MIMO high-speed Wireless LAN.Wireless communicationWireless LANShield box, Attenuator
Evaluation of cellular phoneWireless communication 4G・LTE・5G-sub6Shield box
Evaluation of GPS terminal.Wireless communicationGNSS/GPSShield box
Evaluation of Wireless LAN.Wireless communicationWireless LANShield box, Attenuator, Spectrum Analyzer
Evaluation of wireless terminal & module.Wireless communicationZigbee, LPWASpectrum Analyzer, Shield box, Attenuator
Evaluation of ZigBee Solution.Wireless communicationZigbeeShield box, Attenuator, Spectrum Analyzer
Example of using two waveforms display of Signal Analyzer.Wireless communication Knowledge, ETC/DSRCSpectrum Analyzer
External transfer of I/Q data measured by the signal analyzer.OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
Field measurement and maintenance of smart network wireless system.Wireless communicationLPWASpectrum Analyzer
Frequency measurement with a Frequency Counter of spectrum analyzer option.BroadcastingKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
GPS radio wave retransmission systemWireless communicationGNSS/GPSMeasuring system
Handover test of mobile terminal.Wireless communication 4G・LTE・5G-sub6Measuring system, Attenuator
How to calculate clock jitter from phase noise.Electronic componentsKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
How to control electric turntable with PC.Wireless communicationEMC test, Knowledge, Wireless LAN, LPWAShield box, EMC, Test Accessories
How to increase the work efficiency at night.OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
How to install antenna calibration data to spectrum analyzer(MSA400 series).OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
How to prevent erroneous measurement due to the saturation of the spectrum analyzer.OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
How to use Web camera in hand-in type shield box.Wireless communication 4G・LTE・5G-sub6Shield box
Magnetic Field Strength Measurement with Loop Antenna.EMCEMC testSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Maintenance of disaster prevention administration radio system, and survey of interference wave.Wireless communicationOn-Site Business RadioSpectrum Analyzer
Make communication failure environment & Ideal for checking operation of smartphone.Wireless communication 4G・LTE・5G-sub6Shield box
Measured radio wave of LoRa (920Mz band: LPWA).Wireless communicationLPWASpectrum Analyzer
Measurement of 920MHz band wireless module by the signal analyzer.Wireless communication LPWASpectrum Analyzer
Measurement of accurate frequency with Signal AnalyzerWireless communication KnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
Measurement of Bluetooth low energy signal with real-time spectrum analyzer.Wireless communication BluetoothSpectrum Analyzer, Shield box
Measurement of BS-CS converter output by signal analyzer.BroadcastingBroadcastingSpectrum Analyzer
Measurement of distance to fault of cable (DTF).BroadcastingCATVSpectrum Analyzer
Measurement of radio wave absorption characteristics by space standing wave ratio method.Electronic componentsWave absorber, KnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Signal generator
Measurement of weather radar by signal analyzer.Wireless communicationArtificial satelliteSpectrum Analyzer
Measures against radiated immunity test using electric field probe.EMCEMC testShield box, EMC
Measures for radiation immunity test by small loop antenna.EMCEMC testShield box, Signal generator, EMC
Method for calculating the power loss from the return loss measurement.Electronic componentsAntenna, RF device, KnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Mobile measurement of field intensity by a signal analyzer.BroadcastingBroadcasting, On-Site Business RadioMeasuring system, Spectrum Analyzer
Monitoring near field communication.Wireless communication NFCShield box, Spectrum Analyzer
MR2300 Precompliance EMI test system.EMCEMC testEMC
Noise immunity evaluation of information and communication equipment.Wireless communication 4G・LTE・5G-sub6, Interfering waveSpectrum Analyzer, Shield box, Signal generator
On-site measurement of radiated emission.EMCEMC testSpectrum Analyzer, EMC
Optimization of weak signal measurement by spectrum analyzer.Wireless communicationWeak wireless, KnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
OTA test solution in IoT.Wireless communicationWireless LAN, LPWA, 4G・LTE・5G-sub6, BluetoothShield box, Attenuator, Measuring system
Performance evaluation of shield materials.Electronic componentsShielding material, Wave absorberShield box, Spectrum Analyzer
Radiated emission measures with signal analyzer.EMCEMC testSpectrum Analyzer
Radio wave transmission test of automotive heat-reflecting glass.Wireless communicationETC/DSRCETC/DSRC
Relationship between Electric field strength and Antenna factor.Wireless communication KnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Relation between noise floor of spectrum analyzer and internal ATTOtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
Relationship between oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer amplitudeOtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
Relationship between radiated EMI measurable lower limit noise level and antenna gainEMCEMC testSpectrum Analyzer
RFID read_write test.Wireless communicationRFIDShield box, Attenuator, Spectrum Analyzer
Shielding characteristics comparison of anechoic box.OtherKnowledgeShield box
Simple low frequency radiation system.EMCEMC test, KnowledgeSignal generator, Test Accessories
Simple measurement for technical standards conformity certification test.Wireless communicationKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer, Shield box
Simple radiated emission measurement.EMCEMC testSpectrum Analyzer, Test Accessories
Simple test of the Radio Law and IEEE on ZigBee module.Wireless communicationZigbeeSpectrum Analyzer, Shield box
Simplified EMI Radiation noise measurement system.EMCEMC testSpectrum Analyzer, Shield box, EMC
Site survey in introduction of 2.4GHz band wireless equipment.Wireless communicationWireless LAN, Bluetooth, LPWA, ZigbeeSpectrum Analyzer
Solution of CATV measurement.BroadcastingCATVSpectrum Analyzer
Solution of conducted emission measurement.EMCEMC testEMC
Solution of poor reception for degital terrestrial broadcasting.BroadcastingBroadcastingSpectrum Analyzer
Solution of radio wave interference.BroadcastingBroadcasting, Wireless microphoneSpectrum Analyzer
Synchronous control of programmable attenuatorWireless communication Wireless LAN, 4G・LTE・5G-sub6Attenuator, Measuring system
Tool for analysis of high frequency circuit design.Electronic componentsRF deviceTest Accessories
Utilization of PC logging software for spectrum analyzeWireless communication4G・LTE・5G-sub6, Wireless LANSpectrum Analyzer
Units of reference level for measurement.OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
Various usages of anechoic box for EMI design of electronics.EMCEMC testShield box, Spectrum Analyzer, EMC
Verification of field uniformity in an anechoic box for GPS.Wireless communicationGNSS/GPSShield box
Visualization of the modulation signal by a signal analyzerOtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
What is a directional coupler ?OtherKnowledgeSpectrum Analyzer
Why is the anechoic box necessary.Wireless communication Knowledge, Wireless LAN, 4G・LTE・5G-sub6, BroadcastingShield box
Wideband field uniformity in anechoic box.Wireless communication 4G・LTE・5G-sub6, UWB, EMC testShield box, Spectrum Analyzer
Wireless LAN solution.Wireless communication Wireless LANSpectrum Analyzer

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