How to convert log data recorded by logging software (MAS 510) to CSV file.


Logging software is PC application software for controlling spectrum analyzer (MSA 500 series) by PC via USB communication and recording spectral data for a long time. It is ideal for monitoring abnormal signals during day and night, disturbances, interfering radio waves, and for long-term unattended data recording. The log (spectral) data is recorded in binary format and can be used in Excel and other tools by converting it to CSV file.

Application note:Site survey in introduction of 2.4GHz band wireless equipment


  1. Specify the log file
    • Specify the log file
    • [Measured waveform by logging software]

      Measured waveform by logging software

  2. Specification of extracted frames
    • Specification of extracted frames
    • Specify the range of frames to be output to the CSV file among the frames recorded in the log file.
      Slide the track bar of each start and end frame to the left or right, or specify a frame number in the Edit box. When not changing, all frames are output.
  3. Perform conversion
    • Perform conversion
    • Perform the conversion.
      A progress dialog is displayed during conversion.

      conversion in progress

  4. Contents of CSV file
    • Contents of CSV file

      The CSV file is largely divided into a measurement condition part and a waveform data part.

    • CF : Center frequency
      SPAN : Frequency span
      REF : Reference level
      SWP : Sweep time
      DET : Detection mode
      RBW : Resolution bandwidth
      VBW : Video bandwidth
      SCALE : Display scale
      LmtLv : Limit level
      TRACE : Spectral data points

      Measurement conditions and waveform data of the spectrum analyzer[Heading (frequency) on the first line, Measurement date and time and waveform data on the second and subsequent lines]

System configuration

Handheld signal analyzer MSA500 series
Lithium-ion Battery(MB400)
Portable Antenna(M404)
Logging software(MAS510)
USB Cable(MI400)

Products introduction

Handheld signal analyzer MSA500 series

With Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and conventional sweep systems, each strong point of both systems is usable.


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