By precise site survey using a handheld signal analyzer, the radio interference will be quickly solved when installing a wireless access point and a relating equipment!


The radio waves in the 2.4GHz band (ISM band) has come to be used extensively in various scenes. In office, hospital, factory and public institution, the wireless equipment such as wireless LAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth and cordless phone are widely used. However, the bad effects accompanying the spread of wireless devices have also come out. For example, such situations as lower communication speed than desired, communication state changing with time and place, and unstable communication occur many times. Since the radio wave is invisible, it is difficult to perform investigation and find out solution for these causes. Moreover, when newly installing wireless applications, it is very difficult to perform channel arrangement without the existing radio wave interference.

When a handheld signal analyzer MSA500 series, a 2.4GHz band antenna M404 and a logging software MAS510 as a tool to solve these problems are used, the radio wave in the 2.4GHz band can be precisely measured. Since the temporal variation of the radio wave by the site survey over a long time can be known, it is possible to perform the appropriate channel selection avoiding interference when installing wireless access point and equipment. Moreover, the signal analyzer (real-time spectrum analyzer) can capture the radio wave carrying out hopping at high speed since the processing speed is as fast as 30us.


A wireless device using ZigBee is installed in the environment where radio waves of wireless LAN and cordless phones travel.

2.4GHz band radio measurement before installation of ZigBee equipment

System configuration

Handheld signal analyzer [MSA538]
Lithium-ion battery [MB400]
Antenna for wireless LAN [M404]
Logging software [MAS510]
USBcables [MI400]

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