Electromagnetic anechoic box / Shield box

What’s ?

The necessity of a wireless system test has risen by the spread of recent wireless telecommunication equipment as shown in cellular phone, wireless LAN, RF-ID tag and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection system).

It is necessary for a wireless test to be performed in anechoic environment in which an external noise is intercepted and a radio wave does not reflect insidely. An anechoic chamber (room version of a shield box) is proper facilities but needs a wide space and a huge cost.

Especially, the equipment under wireless system test on the production line can not radiate any signal radio wave outside before approval.

The shield box satisfies these conditions.


The radio wave absorber in the shield box prevents the radio wave from reflecting, and produces an anechoic environment. Therefore, the shield box in which the radio wave absorber is installed is also called a radio wave anechoic box. .

The measurements of Transmission frequency, Transmission antenna power, Occupied frequency bandwidth, Adjacent channel leakage power, Modulation factor, Strength of spurious emission, Strength of radio wave emitted secondarily, Signal transmission speed and so on can be performed with a shield box.

Variety of models

The lineup of our shield box is strengthened to meet customer’s various needs. Moreover, customizing such as additional connectors, size or shape is available.

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