Radio wave absorption equipment

Low-cost radio wave absorption equipment dedicated to target applications.



System integration

With the spread of IoT (Internet of Things), the development of low-priced and low-cost devices compatible with LPWA such as LoRa and Wi-SUN is progressing, while simulation during wide area communication is becoming an issue. In addition, in measurement methods for high-speed, large-capacity communication such as millimeter waves and 5G standards, adjustment of the positions of the transmitter side (TX) and communication device (RX) is more severely required than in conventional measurements. When verifying each standard, as components other than the shielding effect required at the time of measurement, selection of a radio wave absorber that suppresses radio wave reflection, including the case material of the test piece, and operation of the jig device are major issues. Based on the characteristics of the radio wave absorber selected according to each test standard, our radio wave absorption equipment will consider together with the customer how to use the measurement space efficiently from zero design under limited conditions.

Absorbent for radio wave absorption equipment (Reflection loss ≧-20dB、600㎜×600㎜/sheet)

After investigating the existing equipment in advance, we will proceed with the equipment based on the concrete introduction effect such as the outline design of the radio wave absorption equipment and the arrangement of the radio wave absorption partition after processing. In order to consider the equipment according to your budget, we are preparing the following radio wave absorbers that are different for each frequency.

MYA-10 to 60

MYB-30 to 75

[200MHz to ]Urethan pyramid type/ Flame-resistant urethane pyramid type (Compatible with test standard UL94 V-O)

ModelHeight(㎝)Weight(㎏)Applicable Frequency※Typical application note
MYA-10 (MYA-V010)100.71.4GHz toVarious radars, satellites, mobile phones (5G), wireless LAN, TV (BS4K)
MYA-20 (MYA-V020)201.2600MHz toTV (25-52CH), mobile phone, RFID, specified low power(920MHz), smart meter
MYA-30 (MYA-V030)301.7500MHz toTV (18-52CH), mobile phone
MYA-45 (MYA-V045)452.1400MHz toSpecified low power (420MHz), amateur radio (430MHz), TV (13-52CH)
MYA-60 (MYA-V060)602.5200MHz toDigital firefighting, railroads, ships, mili-tary air band (222-399MHz)

[3.5GHz to ]Urethan wave type

ModelHeight(㎝)Weight(㎏)Applicable Frequency※Typical application note
MYB-3030.310GHz~Ultra-wideband radio system, earth exploration satellite, ITS, aeronautical radionavigation
MYB-5050.44GHz~Weather radar, robot radio, ISM, DSRC
MYB-757.50.63.5GHz~Mobile phone(5G), wireless LAN (5GHz band), TV(BS4K)

※Radio wave absorption performance ≧-20dB, each application depends on or includes the lower limit of the applicable frequency.

Jig devices

When considering the measurement space, a device that assists the measurement is required to ensure the reproducibility of the test. In addition to physical differences in size, weight, etc. of the object to be measured, it is necessary to consider how to follow the directivity of the antenna to be measured, the arrangement or movement of cables.

In our radio wave absorption equipment, to meet various needs, we will utilize the know-how of measurement technology cultivated over many years to propose jig devices unique to RF measuring instrument manufacturers.

Antenna Fixing Base

Antenna Fixing Base
Attach the attachment type folder shape to the pedestal of transparent material on the wall panel. It enables flexible measurement according to the target scene, such as changing the plane of polarization and measuring with multiple antennas.


In simple emission tests, communication tests, etc., the directivity of the object to be measured placed on the table is confirmed from different angles.
Especially in a shielded environment, it is effective for cost consideration when darkening a conventional shielded room, such as measuring various antenna patterns.

Electric field strength measuring device

Automatic measurement of radiated electric field strength is performed using an antenna or electric field probe. It is effective for interference wave measurement, proximity immunity test, etc.

Product examples

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Special Type MY5505

The partition designed to absorb and block interfering radio waves from the other side in radio wave evaluation and testing.

Simple anechoic chamber MY5700

Easy construction of an anechoic chamber.

A simple electromagnetic anechoic chamber that can be widely used for 5G OTA, radio law measures, EMC tests, etc.
We have eight selections of sizes.

Other products Varies depending on purpose, installation conditions, size, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Flow until delivery

After confirming the necessary equipment, etc., we will check the work process and create equipment approval drawings, etc. after a preliminary inspection of the site. After the installation is completed, the required tests will be performed, and the product will be delivered. The following documents will be attached when the absorber of the radio wave absorption equipment is delivered.

①.Design drawingsApproval diagram (including content such as cutting), test report
②.Radio wave absorber reportDimensional tolerance sampling inspection (width direction, 10% of the total number), radio wave absorber model number, and specifications such as the presence or absence of a specific solvent at the time of manufacture

Service and support

①.Reliable support service

  • Free warranty period 1 year
    ※A fee will be charged for malfunctions and consumables caused by handling errors, negligence, or force majeure such as natural disasters and fires.
  • Radio wave absorber replacement service (charged)

②.Product update service

  • When the target measurement content such as measurement frequency band and conformity test changes, we propose to review the radio wave absorption equipment that has already been introduced.

※Dimensions exclude protrusions, etc. Weights do not include IF modules. Dimensions and weight are approximate.


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Radio wave absorption equipment
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