EMC test system

What’s EMC?

An electric product might cause the malfunction to other electric appliances by discharging the emission noise from it, or is oppositely caused the malfuction by the emission noise from other electric appliances. The former is checked by the EMI test and the latter is checked by the EMS test. The international standard like the CISPR standard is provided so that such an accident should not happen, and the manufacturer must declare by themselves beforehand that their product meets the standard.

The generic name of the EMI test (Electro-Magnetic Interference) of the emission measurement and the EMS test (Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility) of the immunity .

Necessity of EMC test

The restriction standardized concerning safety and quality of the product is called “New Approach Directives”. The CE is marked on the product to show that fills the essential requirements of this directives.

The most important directive regarding electronic equipment is EMC Directive. Any products without CE mark cannot be sold in EU countries of Europe.

The restriction of EMC is applied not only in Europe but also in Japan by the VCCI standard and in the United States by the FCC standard.

Even in Asian countries such as China and South Korea, the restriction becomes stronger and the recognition to the EMC test or the EMI test has risen very much.

Development cost can be drastically reduced.

The formal EMC test using a anechoic chamber is usually accompanied with long waiting time and many costs. If that test is repeated again and again every time the problems are solved, still more time and money will be lost.

Development cost can be drastically reduced by evaluating debug using our EMC pre-compliance test system before the formal EMC.

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