Electromagnetic wave emission pattern measurement system MRP770

We provide inexpensive electromagnetic wave emission pattern measurement system which space-saving and installation work not necessary.
Ideal for developing small wireless devices, information communication devices, and antennas.

Radio wave absorption equipment

Low-cost radio wave absorption equipment dedicated to target applications.

Multi-wave electric field strength automatic measurement system ME9500

The best system for surveying radio service areas and maintaining retransmission systems.

RF Matrix Switch Box MM6000

A switching box that can combine multi-input x multi-output RF signals in a matrix.

GPS radio wave retransmission system MN1600

A retransmission system that receives GPS radio waves with a receiving antenna installed outdoors, amplifies them, and radiates them again with an indoor transmitting antenna.

Handover Tester MH3800

For improving the efficiency of verification man-hours by quantifying the test environment, long-run (aging) tests, and automating tests.

Real time IQ data recorder system MQ5300

The IQ data captured by signal analyzer are recorded in real time.
The ideal system to measure in the maximum 100MHz span, to measure simultaneously different frequency bands, and to record over 24 hours.

Multiwindow waveform monitor MW4500

Suitable for signal monitoring in broadcasting station and radio relay station.
Split-screen display of max 9 channels of signals captured with spectrum analyzer.

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