RF Matrix Switch Box MM6000

A switching box that can combine multi-input x multi-output RF signals in a matrix.


  • RF matrix switch box MM 6000 series is an RF signal switching equipment with multiple input ports and output ports.
  • With application software, the signal path will be switched at high speed and in matrix, so that the input signal will be leaded to an arbitrary output port.
  • Furthermore, the electronic programmable attenuators are installed at all output ports, and RF signal can be seamlessly attenuated.
24 x 8 RF matrix switch box MM6824
16 x 8 RF matrix switch box MM6816
Frequency range700MHz to 4GHz00700MHz to 6GHz700MHz to 40GHz
  • <2.5@700M to 6GHz
  • <3.0@6G to 40GHz
Maximum input level
(base station)
Maximum input level
Insertion loss20dB(typical)
  • 20dB(typical)@700M to 4GHz
  • 23dB(typical)@4G to 6GHz
  • 20dB(typical)@700M to 6GHz
  • 36dB(typical)@6G to 30GHz
  • 46dB(typical)@30G to 40GHz
Number of input / output ports
(base station)
Number of input / output ports
Input / output combination1 to 11 to 11 to 1
RF ConnectorsSMA(J)SMA(J)K(J)
SwitchRelay typeRelay typeRelay type
AttenuatorElectronic (digital)Electronic (digital)Electronic (digital)
Attenuation0 to 95.5dB (0.5dB step)0 to 95.5dB (0.5dB step)0 to 95.5dB (0.5dB step)
Power sourceAC100V(50/60Hz)AC100V(50/60Hz)AC100V(50/60Hz)

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The propagation path environment such as handover between multiple CAs and 4 × 4 MIMO can be controlled with GUI. We manufacture and sell shield boxes to isolate the terminal from commercial radio waves.


  • CA=Carrier Aggregation. Technology to increase the speed to bundle radio waves (lines) of different frequencies.
  • MIMO=Multiple Input and Multiple Output. Technology that multiple data are simultaneously transmitted and received with radio wave of same frequency using multiple antennas on base station and terminal.

Control software

This is application software to control remotely from PC in LAN.
Since the port used by another user is exclusive, the erroneous operation will be prevented. Maximum four units of RF matrix boxes can be controlled with GUI.

Automatic control screen: A menu that collectively controls the setting of switch route and attenuator created in advance.

Manual control screen: A menu that controls the setting of switch path and attenuator separately.

System configuration and image of rack mount

Capable of controlling the same unit from multiple PCs in LAN.

Image of 24 x 8 matrix Path between input and output can be freely switched.

Image of 8 units installation 4 units can be installed in 44 U rack.
(Other than model D)

*Please contact us for details and combination of the system.


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RF matrix switch box MM6000
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