Portable Antenna

Each nine kinds of antennas M301 to M310 / M401 to M407 cover the frequency band from 300MHz to 7.2GHz.

Patch Antenna M211/211R

The right circular polarization antenna.
This is a right circular polarization antenna used in the ETC/DSRC.

Loop Antenna MAN120

A small Loop Antenna with a diameter of 40 cm suitable for low frequency measurement.
Antenna suitable for detection of low frequency signal and noise.

Log-Periodic Antenna MAN160A/160B

Suitable for direction finding of radio emission sources in site survey and simple measurement of RF emission immunity.

Log Periodic Antenna M213/213R

This is a linear polarization antenna with frequency band from 700MHz to 5GHz.

Horn Antenna MY6500-02E

Covers both horizontal and vertical polarization. Frequency range : 5GHz to 50GHz

Horn Antenna MY6500-01

Linear polarization. Frequency range : 26GHz to 40GHz

Biconical Antenna MAN150/MAN150B

Suitable for simplified measurement of radiated emissions.


Magnetic Field Probe MMP500

Conducted disturbance noise measurement up to 9kHz low frequency.
This conducted disturbance noise can be easily measured with MMP500 and signal analyzer MSA538E/MSA558E.

Coaxial Parts


Model : MA301 to MA309

Coaxial Cable

We have a wide variety of coaxial cables for each frequency band, connector and length.

Terminator MG-50S/-50N

Frequency range
MG-50S:DC to 18GHz
MG-50N:DC to 8GHz

Coaxial Attenuator MG-XXdB

Product Description *Connectors, Impedance:SMA(P)/SMA(J), 50Ω


Communication Cable MI400

USB Cable

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