Coaxial Cable

We have a wide variety of coaxial cables for each frequency band, connector and length.

Product Description


ModelConnectorsLengthFrequency range
MC102SMA(P)/BNC(P)1.5mDC to 2GHz
MC201SMA(P)/SMA(P)0.5mDC to 18.5GHz
MC202SMA(P)/SMA(P)3mDC to 18.5GHz
MC203SMA(P)/SMA(P)4mDC to 18.5GHz
MC204SMA(P)/SMA(P)1.5mDC to 18.5GHz
MC301SMA(P)/SMA(P)0.5mDC to 10GHz
MC302SMA(P)/SMA(P)1mDC to 10GHz
MC303SMA(P)/SMA(P)1.5mDC to 10GHz
MC304SMA(P)/N(J)0.2mDC to 4GHz
MC305SMA(P)/N(P)0.2mDC to 4GHz
MC306SMA(P)/BNC(J)0.2mDC to 2GHz
MC307SMA(P)/BNC(P)0.2mDC to 2GHz
MC308N(P)/N(P)0.5mDC to 10GHz
MC309N(P)/N(P)1mDC to 10GHz
MC310N(P)/N(P)1.5mDC to 10GHz
MC311N(P)/SMA(J)0.2mDC to 10GHz
MC312N(P)/BNC(J)0.2mDC to 2GHz
MC313N(P)/BNC(P)0.2mDC to 2GHz
MC314BNC(P)/BNC(P)1.5mDC to 2GHz

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