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Products Lineup

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer / Signal Analyzer
Electromagnetic anechoic box / Shield box
EMC test system
Variable Attenuator
Signal Generator
ETC/DSRC test system
Measuring System
Test Accessories

Solutions by Application


Sub-6, millimeter wave solutions


ETC/DSRC inspection system
Offer all the apparatus in connection with ETC/DSRC inspection system.


Communications other than 5G such as WiFi, LPWA, Bluetooth, etc.


Emissions, general immunity

New Products

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1527

With ventilation and supports 90dB Shielding.
Ideal for evaluation of information communication devices such as low receiving sensitivity test, high-capacity optical communication, and multi-connection system test.

Portable Antenna

Each nine kinds of antennas M301 to M310 / M401 to M407 cover the frequency band from 300MHz to 7.2GHz.

Electric Turn table MT107

Can be used to evaluate antenna radiation patterns, beamforming, beam tracking, etc.
It is small size and low height it can be incorporated into our electromagnetic anechoic box.

ETC / ITS Spot Electric Field Strength Measurement System ME9200C

This system measures the electric field strength distribution of ETC / ITS spots with operating waves or CW in a short time and create electric field strength graphs and map diagrams.This is an upgraded version of the conventional ME9200.※Only for Japanese domestic specifications.

Technical Documents

The Level correction of MAT800/810 corresponding to several input frequency

Fig.1:Attenuation of MAT800/810 corresponding to 16-frequency range. The attenuation level of MAT800/810 has some frequency response that is higher at minimum frequency “ƒ0” and maximum frequency “ƒ15” and lower at […]

Technical info
Signal analyzer MSA500 /Spectrum Analyzer MSA400 How to control by LAN

Spectrum analyzer MSA400 / 500 series is externally controlled by USB, but if it can be controlled by LAN, it’s possible to eliminate the limitation of communication distance and number […]

Technical info
Shielding box (electromagnetic anechoic box) Application

ME8661/ME8662:Shielding box (electromagnetic anechoic box) Application-1 Transmission characteristics test of wireless equipments using a n antenna in free air (Capable of the pure transmission characteristics evaluation bec ause of no […]

Technical info

Application Examples

Wireless LAN solution

Survey before installation of access point using handheld spectrum analyzer (wireless LAN) Application When the access point is installed, the radio wave condition of wireless LAN is observed by using […]

Application note
Wideband field uniformity in anechoic box

Wideband anechoic box suitable for development of multi-band/UWB radio system or EMC evaluation Application Demand on launching wideband radio test environment for development of multi-band/UWB radio system or EMC evaluation […]

Application note
Why is the anechoic box necessary

Offering environment for throughput test and receiving sensitivity tests of wireless equipment in OTA (Over the Air Application When performing OTA test of wireless equipment (hereinafter referred to as EUT), […]

Application note

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