Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1527

With ventilation and supports 90dB Shielding.
Ideal for evaluation of information communication devices such as low receiving sensitivity test, high-capacity optical communication, and multi-connection system test.


Outside dimensions620(W)×740(H)×626(D)mm
Inside dimensions500(W)×500(H)×500(D)mm
Shielding effectiveness90dB typ@2.4GHz
Reflection lossmore than 20dB(MYA-77:≧ 1.2GHz)
AC Fan0.56m³/min
(the maximum force of the wind)
I/F Module1 module(floor surface)
Option (Factory installed)
  • I/F Module(IFM10/11)
  • Through pipe(TP-8/10)
  • Additional SMA connectors (max.16, of which 4 are standard)

※Dimensions and weight are approximate and do not include IF modules.

Back side layout

I/F Module

Modules with AC, DC, LAN, USB, and D-sub connectors attached. I/F modules can be selected according to the intended use.

ModelMounting connectors
  • LAN・・・Cat 5e equivalent ,PoE not supported
  • USB・・・USB2.0,Type-A(Inside/Outside) ,Power Delivery(PD) not supported
  • D-sub9・・・male(Inside/Outside), fit M2.6(metric screw threads)

Through pipe

Through pipe for fiber optic cable.
One of the following two types of through pipe for MY1527 can be installed.
Insertion of materials containing electrical conductors inside the through pipe may degrade shielding performance.

ModelPipe Inner dimensions(mm)Pipe LengthApplicable frequency
TP-828.5(W)×12.6(H)150mmto 4GHz
TP-1022.8(W)×10.1(H)150mmto 4.5GHz

Additional SMA connector

A maximum of 16 SMA connectors can be installed with 4 standard and 12 optional connectors.
2.92mm (K) connectors can also be installed upon request.

  • MY1527-SMA
  • MY1527-K

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