Product structure

IFM6 can be installed with one or two of the five types of TP-5, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

Size list


Model number Internal dimensions of the pipe Pipe length Applicable frequency Shield performance
TP-5 47.6(W)×22.2(H)mm 170mm ~2GHz -60dB
TP-6 40.4(W)×20.2(H)mm 170mm ~3GHz -60dB
TP-7 34.9(W)×15.8(H)mm 150mm ~3.5GHz -60dB
TP-8 28.5(W)×12.6(H)mm 150mm ~4GHz -60dB
TP-10 22.8(W)×10.1(H)mm 150mm ~4.5GHz -60dB

※Representative value Applicable frequency(Hz) and Shield performance.

※Inserting a substance containing an electric conductor inside the through pipe may reduce the shielding performance.

appearance of IFM6(When two through pipes are attached)



Attachable electromagnetic anechoic box

Taurus series

Hand-in series

Production line series

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