Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1515

Type equipping with exhaust fan and intake.

  • Low price, Light weight, Short delivery.
  • High quality and reliability the testing and measuring instruments manufacturer offers.


Model MY1515
Outside Dimensions 465(W)×214(H)×465(D)mm(excluding projections)
Inside Dimensions 400(W)×150(H)×400(D)mm
Weight approx.10kg (without I/F Module)
Shielding Characteristics(typ) more than 70dB@2 .4GHz
Reflection Loss more than 20dB@≧ 2.4GHz, MYA-75
AC Fan 0.56m³/min (the maximum force of the wind)
Connectors 8 pcs of SMA@back
I/F Module installation capacity 1 module@back