Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1510

Small size : Portable and light weight type.
Low price, Light weight, Short delivery.
High quality and reliability the testing and measuring instruments manufacturer offers.


Outside Dimensions380(W)×165(H)×380(D)mm
Inside Dimensions315(W)×100(H)×315(D)mm
Shielding Characteristics(typ)70dB typ@2.4GHz
Reflection Lossmore than 20dB(MYA-75:≧2.4GHz)
Connectors2 pcs of SMA(back)
I/F Module installation capacity1 module(back)
OptionI/F Module

※Dimensions exclude protrusions, etc. Weights do not include IF modules. Dimensions and weight are approximate.


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Technical report

Technical info
Near field and far field

[mathjax] When the electric field strength and the magnetic field strength are measured, how much the distance between the transmission and the receiving antennas should be always becomes a problem. […]

Technical info
Shielding box (electromagnetic anechoic box) Application

ME8661/ME8662:Shielding box (electromagnetic anechoic box) Application-1 Transmission characteristics test of wireless equipments using a n antenna in free air (Capable of the pure transmission characteristics evaluation bec ause of no […]

Technical info
For Taurus Series of Electromagnetic anechoic box Interface module IFM6

Product structure IFM6 can be installed with one or two of the five types of TP-5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. Size list Model number Internal dimensions of the pipe […]

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