Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Hand-in type MY3720

Suitable for weak electric field resistance test, out-of-service test or digital forensics for smart phone, tablet terminal or mobile PC .


DUT can be operated with bare hands

It is possible to put one hand or both hands in it. Moreover DUT can be operated with bare hands.

Since it is possible to operate directly with bare hands, poor reaction of touch panel by using the glove type will be eliminated and the fine operation will be able to be done.

Both hands can be inserted from the front.
Direct operation of the DUT with bare hands.

Providing wide viewing angle using large shield window

Large shield window of 275 × 255 mm.

Despite of use of shield window, shielding effectiveness over 60dB is ensured at frequency from 600MHz to 6GHz.

The various radio waves such as 3G / 4G (LTE / WiMAX) / Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5GHz bands) which are a mainstream in communication system of mobile terminal will be blocked off.

This performance is realized by our own technology regarding shield window.

Correspond to the various interfaces

By exchanging the optional I/F module, the various interfaces can be used.

Since the noise filter is inserted in almost these interfaces, the influence of noise entering from the cable will be reduced.


Outside Dimensionsapprox. 615(W)×515(H)×518(D)mm(excluding projections)
Inside Dimensionsapprox. 550(W)×450(H)×450(D)mm
Weightapprox. 21kg(excluding I/F module)
StructureDouble structures with radio wave absorber and aluminum plate.
Shielding Characteristics(typ) more than 60dB(600MHz to 6GHz)
Reflection lossmore than 20dB (≧2.4GHz)
Shield windowapprox. 275(W)×255(D)mm
ConnectorsSMA 6pcs (Both sides each 3pcs)
  • I/F Module (1 unit on each side can be installed. IFM1 to IFM6)
  • Conduction arm supporter MY3700-002
  • LED light MY3700-102 (2 can be attached, battery drive, factory option with mounting bracket)

Radio wave absorber

Radio wave absorber Urethane

The radio wave absorber of the urethane foam, which has similar characteristics with all of linear, elliptic and circular polarizations, is used in Taurus Series.


Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series I/F Module

The I/F module is a module on which AC supply, DC supply, LAN, USB, SMA, BNC, N, D-sub or through pipe connectors are mounted. The I/F modules can be selected according to the intended use.

Conduction arm supporter MY3700-002

Improves conductivity and conductivity with the shield arm cover.
Also protects the shield arm cover.

LED light(Battery drive) MY3700-102

Battery-operated LED light. Improves visibility inside the radio dark box.
*Factory option (with mounting bracket).


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