Anechoic Box Type

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1510

Small size : Portable and light weight type.
Low price, Light weight, Short delivery.
High quality and reliability the testing and measuring instruments manufacturer offers.

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1515

Type equipping with exhaust fan and intake.
Exhaust fan/air intake mounted type. The heat rise inside the anechoic chamber is suppressed, providing an ideal test environment for long hours of continuous operation, such as aging tests.

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1520

Medium size : The most general and universal type.
The front opening makes it very easy to work with.

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1520SW

A large shield window is provided as standard equipment. Changes in the state of the EUT can be checked from outside the electromagnetic anechoic box. It can be used in a wide range of test environments, such as checking changes in display content and operation during high-speed data communication.

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1525

With ventilation fan & 90dB shielding.

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1527

With ventilation and supports 90dB Shielding.
Ideal for evaluation of information communication devices such as low receiving sensitivity test, high-capacity optical communication, and multi-connection system test.

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series MY1530

Large size : Type corresponding to even big EUT . Turntable can be mounted as an option.

I/F Module

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Taurus Series I/F Module

The I/F module is a module on which AC supply, DC supply, LAN, USB, SMA, BNC, N, D-sub or through pipe connectors are mounted. The I/F modules can be selected according to the intended use.


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Technical report

Technical info
Near field and far field

[mathjax] When the electric field strength and the magnetic field strength are measured, how much the distance between the transmission and the receiving antennas should be always becomes a problem. […]

Technical info
Shielding box (electromagnetic anechoic box) Application

ME8661/ME8662:Shielding box (electromagnetic anechoic box) Application-1 Transmission characteristics test of wireless equipments using a n antenna in free air (Capable of the pure transmission characteristics evaluation bec ause of no […]

Technical info
For Taurus Series of Electromagnetic anechoic box Interface module IFM6

Product structure IFM6 can be installed with one or two of the five types of TP-5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. Size list Model number Internal dimensions of the pipe […]

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