Log-Periodic Antenna MAN160A/160B

Suitable for direction finding of radio emission sources in site survey and simple measurement of RF emission immunity.

Wideband, lightweight and inexpensive log-periodic antenna.It is suitable for combination with our handy spectrum analyzer.Also, by performing antenna gain correction within our spectrum analyzer, the value converted to electric field strength (dBμV/m) can be read directly.


Model MAN160A MAN160B
Frequency range 700MHz to 4GHz 700MHz to 6GHz
Maximum power 100W(At CW and 400MHz )
Impedance 50Ω(nominal)
VSWR < 2.0(Typical)
Gain 4dBi(Typical) 5dBi(Typical)
Antenna factor 23 to 38dB/m 26 to 41dB/m
Connector SMA(J)
Dimensions 340(L)x200(W)x25(D)mm
Weight 270g 250g

Antenna gain (Typical)


Antenna factor (Typical)



  • Antenna body
  • Grip
  • Aantenna data
  • Hard case


*Coaxial cable and CD-ROM in the photo are not included.