Model : MA301 to MA309

Product Description

ModelConnectorsImpedanceFrequency range
MA301BNC(P)/BNC(J)50Ω/75ΩDC to 2GHz
MA302BNC(P)/N(J)75Ω/75ΩDC to 1.8GHz
MA303BNC(P)/N(P)75Ω/75ΩDC to 1.8GHz
MA304BNC(P)/F(J)75Ω/75ΩDC to 1.8GHz
MA305BNC(P)/F(P)75Ω/75ΩDC to 1.8GHz
MA306N(P)/SMA(J)50Ω/50ΩDC to 12.4GHz
MA307N(P)/BNC(J)50Ω/50ΩDC to 2GHz
MA308N(P)/BNC(J)50Ω/75ΩDC to 2GHz
MA309N(J)/BNC(P)50Ω/50ΩDC to 2GHz

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