Large electromagnetic anechoic box ideal for radiation pattern measurements.
Ideal for development of antennas and evaluation of communication characteristics for radio equipment, wireless devices, etc.

Products Lineup

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Large Size ME8661B

Equipped with the radio wave absorber covering 800MHz/900MHz frequency band.
Optimum for wireless system test for technical standard, receiving sensitivity test and simple EMC test of a wide frequency band.

Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Large Size MY5630/MY5630ET

Shield boxes suitable for developing antennas and evaluating communication characteristics such as wireless devices. Reinforced body with high shielding performance (more than 80dB). Maintenance door is installed.

EMC test system

Pre-compliance EMI test system MR2300

Ideal for “Pre-compliance” preliminary conformance test of EMI official test.
Total test system including not only antenna, spectrum analyzer for EMI, LISN and PC software for EMI but also anechoic box.

Pre-compliance EMI+EMS test system MR2400

This system combining the EMI test system MR 2300 and the EMS test system MR 2350. It is possible to conduct EMC (EMI + EMS) test.

Pre-compliance EMS test system MR2350

Pre-compliance EMS test system for the radiation immunity test (IEC / EN 61000-4-3).
Electric field strength of 1, 3, 10V/m. The malfunction of the EU by the electromagnetic radiation can be observed by a camera put in the anechoic box.

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