Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Large Size MY5630/MY5630ET

Shield boxes suitable for developing antennas and evaluating communication characteristics such as wireless devices. Reinforced body with high shielding performance (more than 80dB). Maintenance door is installed.


Outside dimensions (approx.)2504(W)x1704(D)x1921.5(H)mm (excluding projections)
Inside dimensions (approx.)2010(W)x1210(D)x1140(H)mm
Weight (approx.)750kg765kg
  • Exterior : Stainless steel, Double thin plates
  • Frame : Stainless steel, 40mm square tube
Radio wave absorberPyramidal absorber 8 inch
Shielding characteristicsmore than 80dB@800MHz to12GHz(typ.)
(when using shield sheet more than 60dB)
30dB@1GHz, 40dB@3GHz, 50dB@5GHz (typ.)
Front doorDoor opening dimensions 900(W)x1150(H)mm
Maintenance door

Door opening dimensions 675(W)x675(H)mm

Installing antenna fixing base made of resin

Turn tableManualElectric

500mm in diameter / 30kg in load Uniform static load @center of table

Structure POM(White)

Exhaust fan and intake

Intake(Below left side)

Exhaust fan(Upper right side, AC inlet below right side)


USB(2pcs), LAN(2pcs), Power supply(1pc), D-sub9pin(1pc), D-sub25pin(1pc), Shield sheet(1pc), SMA(J)(5pcs)

(Select either AC 100V or DC.)


  1. The inside size is wide as 2m, considering the measurement of large DUT.
  2. Reinforced body with high shielding performance (more than 80dB).
  3. Owing to the characteristics of the pyramidal radio wave absorber, the internal reflection is prevented.
  4. Maintenance door is installed to reduce the burden of mounting the fixed base.
  5. A special cable can be drawn in the box through the shield sheet.
  6. Heat dissipation measures using intake and exhaust mechanisms are provided.
  7. Automatic creation of antenna pattern measurement can be also customized.

Maintenance door

Work efficiency improves when changing the antenna. Antenna fixing base : Optional antenna set can be attached. (Photo: MY 5630-01)

Rotation mechanism

Measurement in horizontal / vertical direction (Photo : MY 5630-02)

Double ridge horn antenna set (MY5630-01)
Log periodic antenna set (MY5630-02)
Log periodic antenna set (MY5630-02)

Electric turn table

Rotate the DUT and measure the antenna pattern.

Electric turn table


Doubleridge horn antenna set

TypeDoubleridge horn
Frequency1 to 18GHz
OtherOne set of fixing jig(*1)
  • Small antenna suitable for broadband measurement with sharp directivity.
  • Mounted on a fixed base, and receive and measure in horizontal / vertical plane using rotating mechanism.
  • Antenna evaluation such as mobile phone, wireless LAN terminal, base station.

(*1)Include connecting cables and connectors inside shield box.

Log periodic antenna set

TypeLog periodic dipole array
Frequency700MHz to 6GHz
OtherOne set of fixing jig(*1)
  • Correspond to high gain, wide bandwidth and high power output.
  • Mounted on a fixed base, receive in horizontal / vertical plane using rotating mechanism and then measure.
  • Combined with SG and high-frequency amplifier, enable to evaluate radiation immunity.
  • It is possible to evaluate receiving characteristics of base station and 4K broadcasting equipment.

(*1)Include connecting cables and connectors inside shield box.

Shield sheet (Maintenance door side)

  • Same as shield sheet equipped on the front of main body.
  • Set on the maintenance door side.
  • For drawing IF and coaxial, optical fiber and special cable.

Wooden base

  • Attach around the turntable and prevent interference of cables during rotation.
  • Since DUT can be placed once on wooden base between door and turntable, the burden of installation is reduced.
    The surface of wooden base is 5mm lower than the surface of turntable.


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