This system is suitable for automating interoperability test (IOT) of wireless communication equipment and RF signal connection switching.


It is required to have reliability more than ever which the mobile device which plays the important role by communications infrastructure with the rapid expansion of IoT (Internet Of Things).
Generally, propagation path simulation and handover test between eNB (base station) and UE (terminal), it is vital to evaluate all combinations for each device (model) · communication route, however, manufacturers and lineups of eNBs and UEs are also diversified, and it takes enormous time and effort to evaluate all combinations.
The RF matrix switch box (MM6000 series) is mainly composed of a high-speed digital attenuator and an RF matrix switch, this product is suitable for automation of variation test (interconnectivity test) , such as propagation path simulation, handover test, RF signal connection changeover.




Main advantages of introducing this system

  • By automating the test, continuously any time day or night testing can be made unattended (labor saving), the manufacturing cost can be reduced.
  • It is freed from RF connection switching by manual operation, and it can drastically reduce working time by incorrect connection and changeover.

Image of 24 x 8 matrix
Image of 24 x 8 matrix
  • Capable of controlling the same unit from multiple PCs in LAN.
  • Image of 24 x 8 matrix Path between input and output can be freely switched.
  • CLI allows scripting with other systems.


Frequency range700MHz to 4GHz
VSWRLess than 2.0
Maximum input level (base station)1W(+30dBm)
Maximum input level (terminals)200mW(+23dBm)
Insertion loss20dB(Average Noise Level)
Isolationmore than 80dB (switch)
more than 17dB (splitter)
Number of input / output ports (base station)2416
Number of input / output ports (terminals)8
Input / output combination1 to 1
RF ConnectorsSMA(J)
SwitchRelay type
AttenuatorElectronic (digital)
Attenuation0 to 95.5dB(0.5dBStep Attenuator)
Dimensions482.6(W) x 443.7(H) x 550.0(D)mm(excluding projections)
10U : Capable of installing in 19-inch system rack mount.
Power sourceAC100V(50/60Hz)

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Products introduction

RF Matrix Switch Box MM6000

A switching box that can combine multi-input x multi-output RF signals in a matrix.

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