Method to control optional electric turntable with PC


  • We sell electric turntable which can be operated with PC as an option and it can be installed in our shield box.
    Specifications : Table diameter 200mmΦ, Withstand load 10kg, Power supply by AC adapter, I/F by RS-232C
    How to control this electric turntable from PC’s terminal software with serial communication will be explained.
  • Electric Turn table (Factory option)


  1. Setting PC terminal software (setting example in Tera Term)
    • tera term:serial port settings
    • tera term:Device settings
  2. Setting PC terminal software (setting example in Tera Term)
  3. Command Operand1 Operand2 Instruction contents
    @ORG (Nothing) (Nothing) Return to origin
    @MOVD Coordinate value (°)

    Speed (%)

    Coordinate specification & movement execution
    @WRITE PRM (It is the input mode of the parameter such as the movement amount and ends with ^ Z.) Write parameters
    @X+ (Nothing) (Nothing) +Specified amount movement
    @X- (Nothing) (Nothing) -Specified amount movement
  • By using only these commands, you can easily control the turntable with the PC.
    For example, you can set the movement amount to 10 ° with “@ WRITE PRM” and rotate by each 10 ° by repeating “@x+”.
  • When the turntable has finished moving, it is possible to output a 24 V positioning completion signal.
    By using this positioning completion signal as a trigger, the instrument can start to measure, so that the measurement synchronize with the turntable.

System constitution

Electric Turn table (Factory option)

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