We provide inexpensive electromagnetic wave emission pattern measurement system which space-saving and installation work not necessary.


By using this measurement system, it is possible to measure electromagnetic wave emission patterns of small radio, antennas, etc. The electromagnetic anechoic box has a radio wave absorber in all six sides. By blocking unnecessary electromagnetic waves and interference waves from the outside and suppresses the reflection of electromagnetic waves radiated from the EUT inside, it is possible to obtain a stable measuring environment with a wide dynamic range.
Moreover, by installing a broadband linearly polarized antenna, it is possible to switch between horizontal and vertical polarized waves by the polarization switching handle on the side of electromagnetic anechoic box .
In addition, use “the automated measurement software”, radiation (directivity) pattern measurement can be performed conveniently. We will evaluate and verify differences in characteristics of wireless devices, antennas, etc. and strive to improve communication technology in the diversifying wireless markets.


system chart
Electromagnetic wave emission pattern measurement system

Electromagnetic anechoic box [MY5310S]
Outside Dimensions (approx.) 1350(W)×1220(H)×1080(D) mm
*Excluding caster height and protrusions
Door opening dimensions 510(W)×910(H)mm
Weight(approx.) 300 to 460kg
*Depends on wave absorber
Turntable 220mm in diameter / 10kg in load
frequency range around 30MHz to 18GHz
*Depends on wave absorber / antenna / measuring device
interface AC outlet, D-sub 25, LAN, one each
RF connector N (J) x 2 (* For measuring antenna x1, for EUT x1)

Measurement software
Electromagnetic wave emission pattern measurement system

It consists of setting and operation screen.Pattern drawing and measured data are displayed in real time.Measurement can be performed with a very simple operation.

System constitution & Price

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