Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Large Size MY5310S

It is easy to carry with a small elevator and to install in the narrow space because divided into two.


Outside Dimensions(approx.)1350(W)×1220(H)×1080(D) mm
Inside Dimensions1230(W)×920(H)×920(D) mm
Door opening dimensions510(W)×910(H)mm
Turntable220mm in diameter/10kg in load
Radio wave absorberFerrite tile structured double
Shielding Characteristics(typ)70dB typ@2.2GHz
Reflection Lossmore than 20dB@35MHz to 2.2GHz


Easy and convenient to carry.

It becomes easy and convenient to carry MY5310S in such small place as office building because it can be carried after divided into two.

Carry on by elevator possible.

It is possible to carry MY5310S by using a general size elevator with a capacity of 11 or more persons.

MY5310 adopts a structure for which the work for separation and assembly can be done without any special tool and knowledge.

Therefore, there is such a flexibility as being able to move MY5310S to another place again.

Dimensions after divided
Height 1220mm
Dimensions of elevator of 11 capacity
Doorway width800mm

(Depending on JIS A4301)


  • Table unit( for large-scale EUT )
    This unit is equipped with a turntable of diameter 500mm and 50kg load.
  • Spacer unit
    The space unit of 610mm width inserted between two units divided enablesa wider space.


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