EMS simple measurement


Simple radiation immunity test of 80 MHz to 500 MHz, 30 V/m can be performed for preliminary evaluation before bringing the EUT to the EMC test site and for confirming the effect of the countermeasure.

In order to perform a strong electric field radiation immunity test of 30 V/m at a low frequency of 80 MHz to 500 MHz in the Electromagnetic Anechoic Box which is a very narrow space compared to an normal Anechoic Chamber, a small loop antenna is installed close to EUT (5 cm)


Procedure of measurement

  1. nstall an electric field probe for calibration at an EUT installation position.
  2. djust the level of an signal generator to achieve a desired field strength.
  3. Determine a level of the signal generator.
  4. Install the EUT and set the level of the signal generator determined by calibration.
  5. Check whether the EUT malfunctions.
  6. Repeat the measurement while moving the antenna up, down, left and right.

1 to 3:Calibration, 4 to 6:Measurement

Procedure of measurement

System configuration

Electromagnetic anechoic box [MY5310] , etc
Power Amplifier MAP202 , etc

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