Electromagnetic Anechoic Box /Shield Box Large Size MY5310

The most suitable anechoic box for EMI test. For small EUT and equipped with a turntable of 220mm in diameter / 10kg in load.


Outside Dimensions (approx.)1340(W)×1210(H)×1030(D)mm
Inside Dimensions (approx.)1280(W)×960(H)×960(D)mm
Door opening dimensions (approx.)410(W)×710(H)mm
Weight (approx.)400kg
Turntable dimensions220mm in diameter
Turntable load capacity10kg in load
ConnectorsN(J)×1(Front left bottom for antenna)
N(J)×1(Right side bottom)
*When electric-powered turntable is attached, AC100V
Shielding Characteristics (typ)70dB typ@2.2GHz
Radio wave absorbersingle-layer ferrite tile
Reflection Loss
  • more than 20dB@30MHz to 400MHz
  • more than 12dB@400MHz to 1GHz
excluding casters and projections


Radio wave absorber Ferrite

Measuring frequency range30MHz to 1GHz
Structuresingle-layer ferrite tile
Reflection lossmore than 20dB@30MHz to 400MHz
more than 12dB@400MHz to 1GHz

Broadband antenna

Broadband antenna MAN101/MAN102
Frequency range30MHz to 1GHz30MHz to 1GHz
Impedance50ohm (nominal)50ohm (nominal)
Antenna typeTransformational Y character monopole antennaTransformational Y character monopole antenna
Element dimensions578(W)×332(H)×500(D)mm628(W)×332(H)×500(D)mm
Ground plate dimensions700(W)×900(D)mm800(W)×950(D)mm
Weight (approx.)5.3kg6kg


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