The RFID read/write test by using Anechoic box,signal analyzer and Programmable attenuator


  • The various radio waves flit in the office and the factory. (PC, Server, Wireless LAN and etc.)
  • The radio waves of a public wireless and being used in other offices enter from the outside. (Cellular phone, Wireless LAN and PHS)
  • If the DUT (device under test) is measured in the anechoic box, the correct data can be gotten because outside noise is inteercepted and internal radio wave is absorbed.
  • The programmable attenuator with the frequency range from 750MHz to 12.5GHz enables the simulation of the receiving sensitivity.

object : slight wireless / 900MHz UHF band of RFID


Problem and solution

  1. The measurement value from antenna displayed on a signal analyzer changes at each measurement
    => The measurement value becomes stable when the outside noise is cut off more than 60dB.
  2. The strong reflection occurs in the shield box
    => The reflection decreases when it is absorbed more than 10dB by the radio wave absorber.
  3. Fresnel zone is measured at the correct distance in the anechoic box
    => The measured data is almost same as in a chamber.
  4. The handover test and the carrier sense level can be simulated by using the programmable attenuator together.

Usage example

slight wireless / 900MHz UHF band of RFID (Fresnel zone 35cm ellipse) Figure:使用例)

System configuration

Electromagnetic anechoic box MY1530 x 1
800MHz to 1GHz sleeve antenna M301 x 2
3.3GHz Signal analyzer MSA538 x 1
750MHz to 2.2GHzProgrammable attenuator MAT800E x 1

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