Wireless system evaluation of ZigBee solution


The unnecessary radio wave should be suppressed in the laboratory and factory.

The wireless system evaluation of ZigBee solution is possible in such environment.

It is possible to evaluate the RF IC development and the module production.


Protocol test by air connection

  • Setting up the system that the bidirectional communication is done, through the transmission & receiving antenna between the ZigBee router and the module put in anechoic box.
  • The protocol test is executed by using the communication (sniffer) program.

Simple Test

Deflection of Line in the Air Electric Power/Deflection of Frequency/Occupied Bandwidth/Diffusion Bandwidths, Measurement Examinations of Electric Waves Limits that originate Secondarily/e.t.c. (reference)

Allocated Frequency

United States : 902-928[MHz], Europe : 868-870[MHz], Japan : 2,400-2,483.5[MHz]

Connection example

Figure:Connection example

System configuration

Midium and General size
Electromagnetic anechoic box MY1520
I/F module for anechoic for anechoic box IFM1
Dipole antenna ( 2.25 to 2.65GHz ) M304
Programmable attenuator MAT850/810

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