Step Attenuator MAT850

Covers the wideband (300MHz to 6.1GHz) in spite of small size, lightweight and low cost.
Putting upward or on transverse is available.
The attenuation value is easy to see bacause of the large seven segments LED.
The three knobs are independent in every 10dB, 1dB and 0.1dB.
And neither chattering nor spike are generated when switching the knobs.


Frequency range300MHz to 6.1GHz
VSWRless than 1.8以下@1 to 4.5GHz
less than 2.2以下@0.3 to 6.1GHz
Maximum attenuation60dB
Setting resolution0.1dB
Accuracy(3.2GHz, +10dBm input)±0.6dB@0 to 15dB
±1.0dB@>15 to 35dB
±1.2dB@>35 to 50dB
±1.8dB@>50 to 56dB
±2.2dB@>56 to 60dB
Insertion lossless than 6.4dB@2GHz
Maximum input level25mW@2dB compression
Input damage level+20dBm, 50VDC Max
Input/output connectorSMA(J)
Power supply+9VDC(supplied by attached AC adapter MA400)
※Input of MA400㧦100 to 240 VAC
Size Dimension / weight200(W)×100(H)×100(D)mm,Approx. 1.8 kg

Application examples

WiMAX, Mobile phone, W-LAN, RFID, Bluetooth, Micro-power radio, Car navigation, ETC&DSRC and digital terrestrial broadcasting etc.


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Step Attenuator MAT850
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