Using a hand-in type anechoic box, the environment to reproduce out-of-service and unstable communication state will be provided.


Recently, the applications of smartphone are very popular. The outdoor use is increasing because carrying is easy, but it often happens that the communication state gets worse in moving, buildings and underground shopping areas.

If the area is out-of-service or the radio wave weakens suddenly, the data communication failure will occur. Due to this communication failure, the data may be damaged or billing error will occur. When developing and managing applications, it is necessary to take measuresagainst such communication failures.

An anechoic box or shield box is a desktop box for blocking radio waves. Our hand-in anechoic box can block the radio waves from the smartphone or tablet terminal (making it out-of-service) and operate the screen with bare hands. So the operation check of the application can be performed while actually operating it under out-of-service environment.


On the state in which radio waves are blocked, you can actually operate it with bare hands while watching the terminal screen through the shield window.

Usage image

Photo:Usage image

A window to block radio waves is installed.

The operation test of application can be performed at the time of switching to out-of-service and in an unstable radio wave environment.

Hand-in type electromagnetic anechoic box/MY3710

Photo:Hand-in type electromagnetic anechoic box / MY3710

It is possible to install a dedicated I/F module for drawing power supply or USB cable at the rear of an anechoic box. You can operate while charging. A 10-inch size smartphone or a tablet terminal can be put.

Hand – in type electromagnetic anechoic box / MY3720

Photo:Hand - in type electromagnetic anechoic box / MY3720

With a medium size hand – in anechoic box, you can operate and view from the front. The 10 – inch or more tablet terminal or note PC can be put enough.

System configuration

Hand-in type electromagnetic anechoic box [MY3710]
I/F module [IFM-1]
Shield arm cove [MY3700-001]

*Shield arm coveー:This is an option necessary when inserting both hands. One hand only is a standard.

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