System for measuring the antenna radiation pattern and gain of a small antenna using anechoic box.


By installing the optional 2-axis positioner, this system enables the spherical radiation power measurement.
This system is inexpensive and easy to install compared with an anechoic room.


System image

Figure:System image
System image

Anechoic box/specification example

Inside dimensionsapprox. 2000(W) x 1200(D) x 1100(H) mm
Radio wave absorber8inch (20cm)
Frequency band600MHz to 6GH

Automatic measurement software/specification example

By installing 2-axis positioner in an anechoic box, the three-dimensional radiation pattern can be easily measured.

System configuration

Large anechoic box (with polarization change mechanism & radio wave absorber)
2-axis positioner (positioner controller)
Receiving antenna (Biconical/Log periodic)
Signal analyzer(for receiving)
Automatic measurement software
Calibration kit (standard signal generator / measuring antenna / rotary connector)
RF cable

Products introduction

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer / Signal Analyzer

Compact, lightweight, low power consumption, and low price handheld spectrum analyzer. The performance and functions are comparable to large bench type spectrum analyzers.

Electromagnetic anechoic box / Shield box

An electromagnetic anechoic box or shield box produced by a measurement instrument manufacturer. We have created a lineup of various models of radio wave dark boxes and shield boxes to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We also offer customization to meet the specific requests of our customers.

Biconical Antenna MAN150/MAN150B

Suitable for simplified measurement of radiated emissions.

Log Periodic Antenna M213/213R

This is a linear polarization antenna with frequency band from 700MHz to 5GHz.

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