By adding an I/F module to the hand-in type shield box, it is possible to shoot the DUT with the web camera.


As for a hand-in type shield box, after installing DUT such as cell phone, smartphone, smart watch, tablet terminal, wearable terminal and portable game machine with wireless communication function in the box, it’s possible to look inside through the shield window and operate with bare hands directly. How to shoot the DUT screen will be introduced.


The I/F module can be optionally added to the hand-in type shield box.
By using an I/F module with USB connector (such as IFM1), it’s possible to operate the USB connected Web camera put in the shield box with PC which is outside the box and shoot the screen of the DUT.

Shoot the screen of smartphone in shield box.

System constitution

Hand-in type Electromagnetic Anechoic Box [MY3710] ×1
I/F Module [IFM1] ×1
Webcam (Market goods)  

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