The electric field strength can be measured connecting your antenna to our spectrum analyzer.


Usually, the electric field strength (dBμ/m) is measured in order to confirm how the radio wave radiated from a wireless communication equipment is strong.

Since the antenna calibration data of M401 to M407 is installed beforehand in the spectrum analyzer MSA400 series, the electric field strength can be measured easily in the combination of our spectrum analyzer and dipole antennas.

However, when the electric field strength is measured with your antenna, the calibration data of your antenna should be stored in an spectrum analyzer. The calibration data can be easily installed using the PC software MAS400.


System components

  • Spectrum Analyzer(MSA400 series)
  • Antenna calibration data (※ settable up to 10 points)
  • PC(Windows)
  • USBcables (MI400)
  • PC software(MAS400)

How to install

1.Prepare the antenna calibration data by a text file.

Photo:Text file (calibration data)

Text file
(calibration data)

  • Antenna absolute gain (dBi) is used as the calibration data.
  • Open the text file (EX. notepad) and install antenna gain with frequency referring to the following format, and then save this file.
    Format Frequency:calibration data,Frequency:calibration data

Example: Our dipole antenna M405 is formatted.

Frequency 300MHz 350MHz 400MHz 450MHz 500MHz
Antenna gain 0.0dBi 1.0dBi 1.4dBi 1.4dBi 0.0dBi

Format 300M:0.0DBI,350M:1.0DBI,400M:1.4DBI,450M:1.4DBI,500M:0.0DBI

2.Store the calibration data into MAS400.

  • Turn on the power after connecting the spectrum analyzer to PC using USB cable.
  • Execute the following steps after starting the PC software MAS400.
  • PC screen 1
  • Select [File]->[Wirite E/F User Data] from the menu displayed above.

  • PC screen 2
  • Select the file made in ①, since the file selection window will be opened.

  • PC screen 3
  • Setting completion is displayed in window when storing in the spectrum analyzer.

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer MSA400 series x 1
USBcables MI400 x 1
PC software MAS400 x 1

Products introduction

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA400 Series

MSA300 series was extremely upgraded to MSA400 series.This product has large color display.

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