Equipped with a large color display for easy viewing, this is a scanning-type upgrade of the MSA300 series.

Products Line up

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA438

The most popular model in MSA 400 series.
Measurement frequency : 50kHz to 3.3GHz

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA438E

This is a model in which EMI measurement function is added to MSA438.
Measurement frequency : 50kHz to 3.3GHz

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA438TG

Built-in TG from 5MHz to 3.3GHz.
Measurement frequency : 50kHz to 3.3GHz

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA458

Almost all of the applications of wireless communication systems are covered.
Measurement frequency : 50kHz to 8.5GHz


Compact and lightweight 1.8kg

The dimensions are as small as 162(W)×71(H)×265(D)mm, and the weight is only 1.8kg including the battery.
It is very convenient for outdoor use and on business trip.

Large and color TFT display

5.7 inches, 640×480 dots and color LCD.

Four hours battery operation

Lithium-ion battery enables about four-hour battery operation.

USB memory

USB memory can be used as a removable storage.
The screen image is stored by BMP format, and the spectrum and the setting parameters are stored by CSV format.

USB communication

Such fast transfer rate as 12Mbps maximum was achieved by adoption of USB interface.

Accrate frequency measurement by PLL synthesizer

The center frequency is accurately set by PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesizer.
Moreover, the frequency counter (factory option) enables to measure the frequency of the signal more accurately.

Average Noise Level -127dBm

The low average noise level of -127dBm @1GHz provides a wide dynamic range.

100dB display dynamic range

As the display scale in the amplitude axis is 100dB/10div, the signal is observed in a wide dynamic range.

Easy operation by AUTO mode

  • Auto range operation:
    RBW, VBW and sweep time are automatically selected based on the frequency span.
  • Auto tuning operation:
    The center frequency is adjusted to the maximum level within full span, and the optimum RBW, VBW and sweep time are chosen.

Competitive functions

  • Measuring functions:
    Channel power, Adjacent channel power, Occupied bandwidth, Electric field strength, Magnetic field strength and Frequency measurement.
  • Calculation functions:
    Max hold, Min hold, Averaging, Over write
  • Marker measurement (SINGLE,DUAL,DELTA) and peak search function
  • Save/Load function
  • Hard copy with printer

Abundant options

A lot of options such as PC software, Logging software, VSWR bridge, Portable antenna, Magnetic field probe, USB printer, Frequency counter, Lithium-ion battery and Test accessories are available.


Comparison between MSA300 and MSA400 series

LCDmono 4.7 inch 320 x 240 dotscolor 5.7 inch 640 x 480 dots
Battery operation2.5 hour Ni-MH4 hour Lithium-ion
remainder displayNot displayedDisplayed at 5 levels
charging indicatorNot indicatedIndicated by two colors LED
(B terminal)
External memoryNoUSB
(A terminal)
Display dynamic range80dB/8div100dB/10div
-Spectrum data points251(H) x 201(V)501(H) x 381(V)
-Display scale2, 10dB/div2, 5, 10dB/div
Average noise level-117dBm-127dBm
-Freq. setting resolution100kHz20kHz
-External triggerNoYes
RF input connectorSMA(J)N(J)
-Number of save data100200
Date storage formatoriginalBMP,CSV
Label and file nameNo16 characters max @label
-Protection bumperNoYes
-Removing battery coverBy screwdriverBy hand

Simple Comparison list

Products NumberMeasurement frequencyAverage Noise LevelReal Time ModeEMI measurement functionTracking Generator
MSA43850kHz to 3.3GHz-127dBm@cf 1GHz,RBW 3kHz
MSA438TG50kHz to 3.3GHz-127dBm@cf 1GHz,RBW 3kHz
MSA438E50kHz to 3.3GHz-127dBm@cf 1GHz,RBW 3kHz
MSA45850kHz to 8.5GHz-127dBm@cf 1GHz,RBW 3kHz


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Spectrum Analyzer MSA400
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