The method of calculating the carrier frequency of the modulated wave will be introduced using our spectrum analyzer.


Usually, when measuring frequency, a mesuring instrument such as a frequency counter is used. However, when measuring the carrier frequency of the modulated waves such as ASK and QPSK, it can’t be correctly measured with a frequency counter because various spectra exist near the carrier frequency. In particular, in the case of modulated wave used for communication, it is very important to measure the carrier frequency accurately because the deviation of the carrier frequency causes a communication error.

By using our spectrum analyzer, it is possible to solve this problem. The accurate carrier frequency can be calculated by a simple method based on the spectrum of modulated wave measured. Calculation examples of the carrier frequency for the concrete modulated waves are as follows.


Carrier frequency measurement example of modulated wave

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer [MSA458]

Products introduction

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA458

Almost all of the applications of wireless communication systems are covered.
Measurement frequency : 50kHz to 8.5GHz

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