Here is an example of using two waveforms display of Signal Analyzer MSA500 series.


In the real-time mode of the signal analyzer MSA500 series, it is possible to display two waveforms of SUB screen (lower screen) and MAIN screen (upper screen). In the two waveforms display, [1] set the waveform to be displayed on SUB screen and perform measurement. [2] While watching the waveform of the SUB screen of all frames captured, analyze by setting the analysis frame and the waveform type to be displayed on the MAIN screen. Perform the two steps of [1] and [2] above.


The case where the ASK modulation signal transmitted from the DSRC OBE tester ME9100 which is our product is measured will be explained.

Figure:Example of using two waveforms display of Signal Analyzer

Measure on SUB screen and analyze the data captured on MAIN screen while changing the frame (time) and analysis function.

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Signal analyzer [MSA500 series]

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Handheld signal analyzer MSA500 series

With Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and conventional sweep systems, each strong point of both systems is usable.

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