Here is an example of on-site measurement of radiated emission at a site without a shield environment.


  • This is on-site measurement system of radiated emission for pre-compliance.
  • This is very convenient for measuring such large EUT as difficult to bring to a test site.
  • This is excellent in cost performance because of a combination of our products.
  • This can easily measure outdoors because of handy type measuring instruments.
  • The near field probes can also be used to find radiated sources.


On-site measurement of radiated emission

  • Difference calculation
  • [Measurement flow]
    1. Measure environmental noise at EUT power off.
    2. Measure the noise at EUT power on.
    3. Subtract ① from ② and take out only noise from the EUT.

System configuration

Handheld signal analyzer MSA538E :20kHz to 3.3GHz,Equipped with QP / AV detection function
PC Software for EMI MAS530  
Low Noise Amplifier MAP302 :20MHz to 3GHz,Gain:20dB
Biconical Antenna MAN150 :20MHz to 3GHz
Coaxial cable MC204 :1.5m,SMA P-P
Coaxial cable MC202 :3.0m,SMA P-P

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