When using a spectrum analyzer in the dark place, the problem that the characters of soft key can’t be read will be solved.


In general surveys of radio wave, the expected effect isn’t gotten if the measurement isn’t performed under the worst telecommunication situation. Therefore, almost of the traffic survey are performed at night.

However, when surveying at night, the operator feel uneasy at key operation because sufficient illumination, in generally, can not be gotten around the measurement site.

Since the voltage of 5VDC is always outputted to USB (Atype) connector, MSA400 series can perform the radio wave measurement at night using this feature.


By illuminating MSA400 series using a commercial LED light, it becomes possible to carry out key operation even in a dark place.

Figure:Spectrum Analyzer with LED light

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer [MSA400 series] x 1
Lithium-ion battery[MB401] x 1
Dipole antenna x 1

Products introduction

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA400 Series

MSA300 series was extremely upgraded to MSA400 series.This product has large color display.

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