Optium tool for analysis of high-frequency circuit design (High-frequency passive probe MP300)


MP300 is a passive probe that has a wide frequency range and low input capacitance. It is used in connected with measurment equipment (Spectrum analyzer or Oscilloscope). Danping ratio is 10:1 for that MP300’s input resistance is 500Ω. Its ratio is quite lower than popular passive probe and FET probe.

Operator is demanded a little attention when measure the circuit in low frequency range (DC-XXKHz) However,since this probe is low input capacitance and low impedance, it has favourable frequency response in high frequency range. It is useful for analysis and diagnostics on high-frequency circuit design.




Performance table

Item Specification
frequency bandwidth(-3dB) 6GHz
attenaution ratio 10:1±2%
(50Ω±1% connected load)
input resistance 500Ω±2%
(50Ω±1% connected load)
input capability 0.25pF(typ)
cable length 1m
connector shape SMA
input voltage endurance 10Vrms, 20Vpeak(PW<1ms)
operating temperature range 5 to 35°C
operating humidity range Less than 85%RH
(non condensing)
storage temerature range -20 to 70°C

Probe comparison table

Probe input impedance output impedance measurement Frequency range
Oscillo probe
10MΩ 10pF 9MΩ DC to 200MHz Adjusting phase of the probe is required
FET Probe 100KΩ 1 to 4pF 50Ω DC to 1000MHz DC power supply is required
MP300 500Ω 0.25pF 50Ω DC to 6GHz input impedance is a little lower

Fig of simple circuit component

Figure:Fig of simple circuit component

Suit for comparison of simulation results and failure analysis on design of high-frequency.

*Indicate is 20dB lower than a given level by using 50Ω line measuring equipment for that probe input impedance is 500Ω.
*20 log 50 / 500

If this circuit is inputted 0dBm.Since there are three 10dBm amplifers on it, Implicit output level is +30dBm. When 50 Ω lines Measuring equipment doesn’t indicate +10 dBm on output point. ,there is a defect on this cirucuit. Measuring each point (P1,P2,P3,P4,) by using this probe that can caluculate where circuit defect arise.

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