Shield environment for micro current & high resistance measurement and partial discharge test.


The high resistance measurement is performed at R & D, manufacturing and quality inspection in a wide range of fields such as electrical insulation materials used in secondary batteries and semiconductors, electronic parts such as capacitors and printed boards, various synthetic resins and rubber materials. In order to measure the leakage current of the semiconductor device at high voltage with high sensitivity and with high accuracy, it’s important to minimize induction noise, electrostatic coupling and error current. In other words, it should completely shield from the EUT to the measuring instrument. We have many types of shield boxes that can handle various EUTs.


Environment for micro current & high resistance measurement 
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Target applications

  • Material chemistry
    Biomaterials, ceramics, elastomers, thin films, dielectric materials, electrochemistry, ferroelectrics, graphene, etals, organic materials, nanomaterials, polymers, semiconductors and so on.
  • Devices & electronic components
    Capacitors, resistors, diodes, sensors, transistors such as TFT / CNT, optoelectronic components, solar cells and so on.
  • Electronic & non-electronic systems
    Ion beam, electron beam and so on.

System configuration

Shield box [MY1510N]
Shield box [MY1520N]
Shield box [MY1530N]
Picoammeters, Electrometer

Products introduction

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