Simplified synchronous control of multiple units of programmable attenuator (MAT 800 series and MAT 810) !


We introduce a tool that can synchronously control programmable attenuator (MAT 800 series and MAT 810) without understanding complicated control algorithm.

Customers already using our MAT 800 series or MAT 810 can easily perform synchronous control by purchasing additional equipment (MAS 801: Trigger BOX and attenuation data creation / control software package).


  • Calibration example

    Figure:Calibration example
  • Features of the system

    • Handover (roaming) test
      The state that the client moves closer or farther towards multiple APs will be easily reproduced.
      The attenuation scenario can be synchronously controlled up to 8 channels.
    • Fallback operation test
      The attenuation amount according to the distance to the cell can be switched seamlessly. The high-speed programmable attenuator MAT 800/810 is an electronic variable attenuator and has a very fast switching speed of 2 μs. Therefore, it can simulate the transient phenomena such as shadowing.
    • Long-run (aging) test
      By automating the repetitive tests, the test time will be improved.
      A durability test in day and night can be also done by uninhabited.
    • Simple scenario creation and control
      The attenuation data creation & control software MAS 801 enables to create and control scenarios with intuitive operation. Moreover, the attenuation data during executing scenario can be monitored.

<Create attenuation data・Control software>

Create attenuation data・Control software

System configuration

Attenuation data creation ・ Control software & Trigger box [MAS801]

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