By using spectrum analyzer for EMI, Conducted emission measurement is realized easily and at a low price.


Whole System Chart

Figure:Whole System Chart


Photo:Sample by PC software for EMI(MAS430)
Sample by PC software for EMI(MAS430)

  • The spectrum analyzer for EMI/MSA338E is equipped with QP・AV detection modes and 9kHz・120kHz[6dB] RBW which are the most suitable spec for the EMI measurement. This EMI test system focuses on being used to solve the problem in advance and reducing the running costs drastically such as time for measures and test number at formal site.
  • The software only for the EMI measurement/MAS430 enables the necessary parameters at bandwidth and threshold level etc. to be automatically set by specifying EMI standard such as CISPR11,22, EN55011,22, FCC port 15, VCCI etc..
  • And the source of the emission noise can be found by using a magnetic field probe/CP-2SA of option and measuring the magnetic field on the print circuit board. Furthermore, the addition of anechoic box to the system enables the radiated emission test.

System configuration

The following enables the EMI measurement to be realized easily and at a low price.

Spectrum analyzer for EMI [MSA438E] x 1
Lithium-ion battery[MB400] x 1
MSA438E calibration set x 1
PC software for EMI[MAS430] x 1
USBcables[MI400] x 1
LISN[MPW201B]*150kHz to 30MHz x 1
Noise cut transformer *1.5kVA x 1
Connection cables N => BNCcables[MC102+MA306] x 1

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