The conducted emission noise of LED lamp is easily analyzable using a handheld real time signal analyzer.


Connection block diagram

Figure:Connection block diagram


  • Connect AC line of LED lamp to LISN and then connect LISN output to up-converter.
  • Lower limit frequency of 20kHz of MSA538 will be improved to 9kHz by an up-converter.
  • With a signal analyzer, the signal is analyzable in both frequency domain and time domain.
  • MAIN screen:spectrum, SUB screen:spectrogram Such signal as a burst can be observed in spectrogram and harmonics can be measured in spectrum.
  • MAIN screen:power vs time, SUB screen:spectrogram Behavior of more detailed time domain of burst signal in spectrogram can be observed. As shown in following figure, 72ms width specified with marker is measured.

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer[MSA538] x 1
LISN x 1
Up-converter x 1

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