The disturbance waves can be detected and analyzed using the power trigger function of signal analyzer MS500 series.


Connection schematic drawing
Figure:Connection schematic drawing


  • Match the frequency detected by the signal analyzer with the disturbing wave and select the power trigger of the trigger function.
  • When an disturbance wave exceeding the trigger level is detected, a trigger signal is generated.
  • By using various analysis functions such as spectrogram analysis and time domain analysis on the captured data, the type of disturbance wave can be specified.
  • By using optional logging software, the data can be acquired in the absence of people such as late night and remote place.

Figure:Data sampling (upper) is performed when the trigger signal (lower) exceeds a certain level.
Example : Data sampling (upper) is performed when the trigger signal (lower) exceeds a certain level.

  • Powerful analysis functions
    • Spectrum analysis Spectrogram analysis
    • OverWrite analysis
    • Time domain analysis : power vs. time
    • Time domain analysis : frequency vs. time
    • Time domain analysis : phase vs. time
    • Time domain analysis : IQ vs. time
  • Powerful trigger functions
  • Dual view screen easy to compare
  • Large IQ memory : 16K frames
  • PC logging software for mesured data

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer[MSA538] x 1
Lithium-ion battery [MB400] x 1
USB cables [MI400] x 1
Logging software [MAS510] x 1

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