Simulation of the transmission path between the base stations


In mobile communication equipment such as mobile phone, the information should be transferred without breaking off when the transmission path is switched from a base station to next base station (called handover).

This handover test can be simulated using two or more units of MAT800 or MAT810.


Figure:Actual image  、Simulation、System configuration
  • Since mobile phone goes away from the base station A, the receiving level becomes low gradually, and conversely it becomes high gradually in the base station B. Moreover, there may be an obstacle blocking the radio wave in the middle.
    This simulation is shown in the figure above “Signal generation”.
  • High-speed programmable attenuators MAT800/810 are electronic type. Since any spike and chattering are not generated when switching, it is the optimum instrument for simulating the change of radio wave in the air.
  • The difference and feature from conventional attenuator are shown in the table below.

[Difference and feature from conventional attenuator]

Item Traditional attenuator MAT800/810 Remarks
Swiching method Mechanical Electronic  
Swiching speed 0 to 20ms/point 2μs/point Great improvement of time resolution
Attenuation step 1dB 0.05dB Great improvement of amplitude resolution
Spike at swiching Figure:Large spike
Large spike
Figure:No spike
No spike
The spike causes the communication error
Proguram memory Nothing 128kword built-in program memory The air state is stored
Program memory Nothing
  • Triffer for readout
  • Internal/external readout clock
  • Pause period of readout cycle
Various memory readout function
Software for maiking Nothing Making attenuation progrum can be done as easily as maiking arbitrary waveform. Standard accessory of MAT800/810

System configuration

MAT800 x 2 units
Base station simulator x 2
High-speed programmable attenuator [MAT800/model D] x 2
Software for making attenuation program [MAS800] x 2
SMA => N coaxial cable 1.5m [MC204-MA306] 4
Biconical Antenna [MBA301]/accessories 4

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