An ideal environment to evaluate the shield materials will be achieved by using MY1530 and MY1510.
The general versatility of each product is not impaired, and a variegated evaluation is possible only by the exchange of adaptors.


When the performance of the shield material is evaluated, a special device is used, or a lot of time is needed to construct the test environment.

In this application, an ideal test environment has been achieved by combining MY1530 with MY1510. Additionally, the plant assets can be effectively used because the general versatility of each product is not impaired.


  • The DUT is attached to the I/F module installation part of MY1510 by using the dedicated adaptor.
  • Measure the electric field strength first without the adaptor. Next, install the adaptor to MY1510 and measure it similarly. The difference of the values is a shielding performance.
  • The relative comparison between DUT and an already-known sample is effective.

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer [MSA438]
Lithium-ion battery [MSA400]
Electromagnetic anechoic box [MY1530]
Electromagnetic anechoic box [MY1510]
*Other :RF cable and Adaptor
  • Dipole antenna M40X (390MHz to )
  • Spiral antenna M212 (2GHz to 18GHz)

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