CATV Measureing Example of using spectrum analyzer (for maintenance)


Spectrum analyzer is commonly used to check retransmit singnal level and terminal reception level, up stream noise level of CATV. When internet line is unconnect by up stream noise, in order to solve the problem, It is not enough measureing peak level of the noise by spectrum analyzer. It is necessary to measure carrier to noise ratio (C/N). And compare carrer signal to figure noise. Our spectrum analyzer is handy, and lightweight,battery drive. It is useful when you acquire data in field survey, This analyzer directly can save a data (CSV format) in a USB mem ory. It is easy to read out data and quickly monitoring spectrum wave data and setting paramete on analyzer’s screen. Moerever the price is very reasonable. Consequently it can to curb installation cost.


1.Up stream noise measurement of CATV

2.Channel power (electric field strength) measuremnt

3.Distance to fail of CATV’s coaxial cable measurement

Products introduction

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA400 Series

MSA300 series was extremely upgraded to MSA400 series.This product has large color display.

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