A browsing software for DTF measurement data saved in a USB memory


Block Diagram

You can get many measurement results of the DTF measurement and save the result into a USB memory using the DTF function of MSA438TG+MSA430.
These data are saved a s CSV file format. But it is very troublesome job t o browse these data.


Browsing Software for DTF Measurement Data MAS420

Figure:Browsing Software for DTF Measurement Data MAS420

This software is convenience to browse many files s aved by the DTF measurement function.

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer MSA438TG
DTF Adapter MAS430
Browsing Software(DTF/FW)
50Ωterminator (MG-50N) 
75Ωmeasurement kit (MK430) 

Products introduction

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA438TG

Built-in TG from 5MHz to 3.3GHz.
Measurement frequency : 50kHz to 3.3GHz

DTF Adapter MA430

The distance to discontinuity point of a cable and the length of a normal cable can be measured.

Terminator MG-50S/-50N

Frequency range
MG-50S:DC to 18GHz
MG-50N:DC to 8GHz

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