The calculation equation useful for mutual conversion of an antenna factor and gain is presented.


Figure:Connection example
Connection block diagram


  • When measuring the electric field strength by com bining a spectrum analyzer with an antenna, calcul ating an antenna gain from an antenna factor, or the contrary may be needed. The calculation equation is shown below. In MSA438 , the electric field strength can be read directly by registering the antenna gain in it.
  • The following equation is used to calculate the ant enna factor Af (dB/m) from the antenna gain Ga (dBi) in a 50-ohm system.
  • Similarly, the following equation is used to calcula te the antenna gain Ga (dBi) from the antenna facto r Af (dB/m) in a 50-ohm system.
  • The following table is a calculation example.
Frequency [MHz]30501002005001000150020003000
Antenna factor [dB/m]38.532.527.822.623.329.540.247.350.5
Antenna factor [dB/m]-38.7-28.3-17.6-

System configuration

Spectrum Analyzer MSA438 ×1
MSA438 calibration set×1
Biconical Antenna[MAN150] ×1

Products introduction

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MSA438

The most popular model in MSA 400 series.
Measurement frequency : 50kHz to 3.3GHz

Biconical Antenna MAN150/MAN150B

Suitable for simplified measurement of radiated emissions.

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